The relationship between colon polyps and colonic diverticulosis: a retrospective review

Authors Jennifer Ray, Zidong Zhang, Yuan Jason, Megan Quan, Christine Hachem.


Background Colonic diverticulosis and colon polyps are common findings on colonoscopy. There is currently no consensus regarding a possible connection between the development of polyps and diverticulosis. Multiple research studies have sought to analyze whether the presence of both conditions is associated with the development of colorectal cancer. Our study aims to add to this body of data and to better assess the relationship between diverticulosis and colon polyps.

Methods A retrospective chart review was performed of all patients who underwent screening and diagnostic colonoscopies between January 2011 and December 2020. Data collection included patient demographics; number, pathology, and location of colon polyps; incidence of colon cancer; and presence and location of colonic diverticulosis.

Results Our study demonstrated that the overall presence of diverticulosis in any location increases the likelihood of having nearby colon polyps, regardless of subtype. The presence of left colonic diverticulosis was particularly associated with adjacent adenomatous and non-adenomatous colon polyps.

Conclusions Colonic diverticulosis in any location may lead to an increased incidence of adenomatous colon polyps. It is important to perform careful examination of the mucosa surrounding colon diverticulosis to avoid missing colon polyps.

Keywords Colonic diverticulosis, colon polyps, colon cancer, screening colonoscopy

Ann Gastroenterol 2023; 36 (3): 314-320

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