Oncologic outcomes of patients with resectable primary gastric squamous cell carcinoma: a systematic review

Authors Dimitrios Schizas, Dimitrios Papakonstantinou, Athanasios Syllaios, Vasileia Ntomi, Stylianos Kykalos, Gerasimos Tsourouflis, Constantinos Nastos, Evangelos Misiakos, Emmanouil Pikoulis.


Background Primary gastric squamous cell carcinoma (PGSCC) is an uncommon type of gastric malignancy estimated to comprise around 0.04-0.5% of all gastric malignancies. PGSCC’s longterm survival has been quoted to range from 17-50% depending on stage, with surgery arguably representing the most useful modality for prolonging oncologic survival. Nevertheless, reliable data on its effectiveness are still lacking in the literature.

Method A systematic literature search of the Medline, Cochrane library and Scopus databases was undertaken, to identify cases of surgically managed PGSCC reporting patient-related outcomes.

Results In total, 23 case reports and 1 case series incorporating 38 patients were identified. Mean patient age was 61.2 years and the male/female ratio was 18:1. Most tumors were high-stage at the time of diagnosis, with the T4 stage predominating in the patient pool (n=15, 50%) along with a high percentage of lymphatic spread (N positive tumors, n=15, 47%). All patients underwent curative-intent surgical resection and were subsequently followed for an average of 30.7±14 months. Extrapolated survival data revealed a projected 3- and 5-year overall survival of 62.2% and 51.9%, respectively, while the 3-year probability for being disease-free was calculated to be 30.8%. T4 stage and lymphatic spread were found to be predictors of poor survival in univariate but not in multivariate analysis.

Conclusion Notwithstanding the methodological limitations inherent to the present review, the obtained results, when superimposed on existing cross-sectional survival data, suggest significantly enhanced patient survival following surgery, solidifying its role in the management of patients with PGSCC.

Keywords Primary gastric squamous cell carcinoma, gastric cancer, systematic review

Ann Gastroenterol 2022; 35 (4): 376-382

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