An educational intervention to optimize use of proton pump inhibitors in a Greek university hospital

Authors Lazaros - Dimitrios Lazaridis, Evripidis Rizos, Lambrini Bounou, Anna Theodorou - Kanakari, Sotirios Kalousios, Electra - Antonia Mavroeidi, Maria Roma, Alexandros Hadzidakis, Georgia Vlachonicolou, Konstantinos Miltiadou, Paraskevas Gkolfakis, Georgios Tziatzios, Konstantinos Triantafyllou.


Background Misuse of proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) is an alarming issue for patients and healthcare systems.

Methods We conducted a 3-phase interventional, prospective study in a Greek university hospital. During Phase I, we collected data from patients’ records to evaluate the appropriate use of PPIs. During Phase II, educational seminars about the proper use of PPIs were offered to the medical staff. In Phase III we collected data from the records of patients admitted to the hospital department with the highest rate of inappropriate PPI administration during Phase I, to evaluate the efficacy of the intervention. Inappropriate use was defined as either PPI administration without indication, or lack of use despite adequate indication. Appropriateness of PPI use was measured at admission, during hospitalization and at discharge.

Results The rate of inappropriate PPI use was higher (51.7% and 48.6%) during hospitalization than at admission (34.9% and 21.9%), but at discharge was similar to pre-hospitalization levels (26.9% and 23.6%), in Phases I and III, respectively. At discharge during Phase I, the inappropriate use of PPIs was significantly higher (odds ratio 3.79, 95% confidence interval 1.98-7.19) for internal medicine patients than for surgical patients. The educational intervention failed to reduce the inappropriate use of PPIs during hospitalization (51.7% vs. 48.6%, P=0.478) or at discharge (26.9% vs. 23.6%, P=0.391) in the internal medicine patients.

Conclusions The rate of inappropriate PPI use is almost double during hospitalization compared to the rates at admission and at discharge. Implementation of an educational intervention failed to reduce the inappropriate use of PPIs in internal medicine patients.

Keywords Proton pump inhibitor, intervention, inappropriate use, misuse, education

Ann Gastroenterol 2021; 34 (6): 781-787

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