Bowel preparation in diabetic patients undergoing colonoscopy

Authors Osama Qasim Agha, Muhammad Alsayid, Michael D. Brown.


Diabetes mellitus is a risk factor for poor bowel preparation in patients who undergo colonoscopy, because of their decreased intestinal transit and slow gastric emptying. This might lead to neoplastic or preneoplastic lesions being missed, longer procedural time, a higher risk of procedurerelated adverse events, significant cost burden, patient dissatisfaction, and the need for a repeat colonoscopy. Multiple strategies have been suggested to improve bowel preparation in these patients. Proposed pharmacologic strategies include adding magnesium citrate, bisacodyl, lubiprostone or pyridostigmine. Non-pharmacologic strategies include preferential procedure scheduling or using a diabetes-specific preparation protocol. In this article, we present a comprehensive review of the literature and provide specific recommendations to general practitioners and gastroenterologists for improving bowel preparation in patients with diabetes.

Keywords Colonoscopy, colorectal cancer, diabetes mellitus, bowel preparation

Ann Gastroenterol 2021; 34 (3): 310-315

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