New technique: removal of embedded esophageal partially covered stent by endoscopic sub-stent space dissection

Authors Iyad Khamaysi, Sobhi Abadi, Essa Hajj, Kamel Yassin.


Both fully (FCSEMS) and partially (PCSEMS) covered self-expandable metal stents are used for the endoscopic management of leaks, perforations, and fistulas. PCSEMS have lower migration rates as their uncovered flanges allow for anchorage into the surrounding tissue, but this consequently makes them difficult to be removed, with reported cases of esophageal perforation during the removal of the embedded PCSEMS. Stent-in-stent technique is mostly used, where a FCSEMS is placed co-axially into an existing PCSEMS causing pressure necrosis and facilitating subsequent removal of both stents. This technique, although effective, is expensive, requiring the use of a second stent. In this report, we describe a series of 3 patients with embedded PCSEMS removed by a new endoscopic technique, i.e., endoscopic sub-stent space dissection, without using a second

Keywords Emdedded partially-covered esophageal stent, sub-stent space dissection, removal

Ann Gastroenterol 2021; 34 (2): 282-284

Case Series