Acute biliary pancreatitis has better outcomes but increased resource utilization compared to acute alcohol-induced pancreatitis: insights from a nationwide study

Authors Sachit Sharma, Christian Nehme, Muhammad Aziz, Simcha Weissman, Ahmad Khan, Ashu Acharya, Ishaan Vohra, Sami Ghazaleh, Ali Nawras, Douglas G. Adler.


Background The differences in outcomes between acute biliary pancreatitis (ABP) and acute alcohol-induced pancreatitis (AAP) have not been well studied. We sought to examine the differences between ABP and AAP as regards to in-hospital outcomes and resource utilization, using a large nationwide database.

Methods We queried the National Inpatient Sample databases 2016 and 2017 using the International Classification of Diseases, 10th revision, Clinical Modification (ICD-10-CM) coding system to identify the patients with a primary diagnosis of AAP and ABP. The primary outcome was all-cause in-hospital mortality. Secondary outcomes were hospital length of stay (LOS), hospitalization charge/cost, shock, acute kidney injury (AKI), intensive care unit (ICU) admission, and home discharge. Analysis was performed with STATA software.

Results There was no significant difference in mortality between patients with AAP and ABP (0.42% vs. 0.82%, adjusted odds ratio [aOR] 0.95, 95% confidence interval [CI] 0.69-1.31; P=0.79). Patients with ABP had a significantly longer LOS (+0.48 days, P<0.001). Patients with ABP had significantly higher adjusted mean hospitalization charges ($+19,958, P<0.001) and costs ($+4,848, P<0.001). Patients with ABP had a significantly lower likelihood of shock (aOR 0.75, 95%CI 0.59-0.95; P=0.02), AKI (aOR 0.76, 95%CI 0.71-0.82; P<0.001) or ICU admission (aOR 0.74, 95%CI 0.62-0.88; P=0.001). They were more likely to be discharged home (aOR 1.26, 95%CI 1.18-1.34; P<0.001).

Conclusion Although there was no difference in all-cause mortality, patients with ABP had better hospitalization outcomes but greater resource utilization.

Keywords Acute biliary pancreatitis, acute alcohol-induced pancreatitis, mortality, outcomes, resource utilization

Ann Gastroenterol 2021; 34 (2): 253-261

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