Physician adherence to societal guidelines following colonoscopy with polypectomy

Authors jonathan naftali, Timna Naftali, Elizabeth Half, Itai Maza, Assaf Stein, Matti Waterman, Ilia Sergeyev, Kamal Yassin, Irit Chermesh, Iyad Khamaysi, Fabiana Sklerovsky-Benjaminov, Yaacob Vayner, Afif Yaccob, Rita Brun, Tarek Saadi, Amir Klein.


Background Colorectal cancer is a significant cause of mortality and morbidity in western countries. Polypectomy reduces the incidence and mortality of colorectal cancer. Following polypectomy, recommendations regarding the frequency and duration of surveillance rely mostly on features of the resected polyps and are summarized in various gastroenterological societal guidelines. In this study, we aimed to delineate the accuracy of current post-polypectomy surveillance recommendations and to check whether active intervention would lead to an improvement in accuracy and consistency with societal guidelines.

Methods We prospectively collected polypectomy reports over a 3-month period in 2 tertiary medical centers. We then performed an intervention that included: 1) presentation of results from 1st phase; 2) re-affirming the guidelines in a departmental meeting; 3) addition of a dedicated reporting form for post-polypectomy surveillance recommendations in the patients’ electronic medical file. Finally, we conducted a second prospective collection of post-polypectomy recommendations, over a second 3-month period.

Results Prior to the intervention, 76% of the colonoscopies with polypectomy had a recommendation for surveillance, compared to 85% after the intervention (P=0.003). Prior to the intervention, 65% of patients received a recommendation consistent with societal guidelines, compared with 78% after the intervention (P=0.001).

Conclusion Intervention, including re-affirmation of the current guidelines and creation of a dedicated reporting platform, significantly increases the number of follow-up recommendations after polypectomy and their consistency with societal guidelines.

Keywords Adherence to guidelines, polypectomy, polyp surveillance recommendation, bowel preparation, polyp surveillance intervals

Ann Gastroenterol 2020; 33 (5): 516-520

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