Detailed and applied anatomy for improved rectal cancer treatment

Authors Taxiarchis Konstantinos Nikolouzakis, Theodoros Mariolis – Sapsakos, Chariklia Triantopoulou, Eelco De Bree, Evaghelos Xynos, Emmanuel Chrysos, John Tsiaoussis.


Rectal anatomy is one of the most challenging concepts of visceral anatomy, even though currently there are more than 23,000 papers indexed in PubMed regarding this topic. Nonetheless, even though there is a plethora of information meant to assist clinicians to achieve a better practice, there is no universal understanding of its complexity. This in turn increases the morbidity rates due to iatrogenic causes, as mistakes that could be avoided are repeated. For this reason, this review attempts to gather current knowledge regarding the detailed anatomy of the rectum and to organize and present it in a manner that focuses on its clinical implications, not only for the colorectal surgeon, but most importantly for all colorectal cancer-related specialties.

Keywords Anatomy, rectum, cancer, surgery

Ann Gastroenterol 2019; 32 (5): 431-440

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