Corneal injury after routine gastrointestinal endoscopy with moderate sedation

Authors Robert Dixon, Douglas G. Adler, Michael Sossenheimer, Linda Jo Taylor, John C. Fang.


We report a case series of 4 patients who underwent routine gastrointestinal endoscopy under moderate sedation and developed corneal injuries. Although corneal abrasion has been reported as the most common ocular complication during non-ocular surgery under general anesthesia, the risk for corneal abrasion during routine endoscopic procedures using moderate sedation has not been previously reported. Symptoms reported included ocular burning, scratchy sensation, redness, and pain reported post-procedure. Endoscopists and staff should be alert to the occurrence of this potentially serious complication, as this is paramount for its prevention, diagnosis, and management. Treatment of corneal abrasion includes referral to ophthalmology for close monitoring, pain management, pressure patch, and antimicrobial prophylaxis.

Keywords Corneal abrasion, gastrointestinal endoscopy, moderate sedation

Ann Gastroenterol 2019; 32 (4): 419-421

Case Series