Endoscopic ultrasound-guided ablation of pancreatic cystic neoplasms: ready for prime time?

Authors Andrew Ofosu, Daryl Ramai, Douglas G. Adler.


With the increase in the use of cross-sectional diagnostic imaging, there has been a concomitant rise in the rate of detected pancreatic cystic lesions. Recent years have seen the rise of newly developed therapeutic modalities to treat pancreatic lesions via ablation. Specifically, through the use of endoscopic ultrasound-guided therapy, endoscopists can potentially ablate these lesions safely and with minimally invasive techniques. In this manuscript we review 4 major endoscopic ultrasound-guided ablative therapies: radiofrequency ablation, ethanol injection, chemo ablation, and cryoablation. We also review the efficacy and safety of these techniques and future directions in the management of cystic pancreatic lesions.

Keywords Endoscopic ultrasound, pancreatic neoplasm ablation, ethanol ablation, radiofrequency ablation

Ann Gastroenterol 2019; 32 (1): 39-45

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