Burkitt’s lymphoma masquerading as a Crohn’s flare

Authors Kaio S. Ferreira, Jason D. Ferreira.


Sporadic Burkitt’s lymphoma can have a variety of clinical manifestations, including a constellation of gastrointestinal symptoms that can masquerade as other conditions and lead to a delay in diagnosis. Here we review a case of Burkitt’s lymphoma in a patient with a history of Crohn’s disease, initially thought to be a Crohn’s flare on initial presentation. This case highlights the importance of keeping a broad differential and ruling out Crohn’s mimics in the process of treating a presumed exacerbation of inflammatory bowel disease.

Keywords Crohn’s disease, Burkitt’s lymphoma, inflammatory bowel disease

Ann Gastroenterol 2019; 32 (1): 107-108

Case Report